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Autumn hair care tips

Posted by on October 6th, 2017


So the Summer has finally gone and the leaves are starting to change colour. When Autumn begins we think about lots of things: new plans and opportunities, excitement about winter holidays or Christmas. What we’re not often thinking about is our hair care. This might seem like a small consideration with everything else going on in October, but Autumn is in fact the best time to get your hair sorted. In this article we give you some handy tips on Autumn hair care. Read on for everything from how to straighten hair without heat tools to dealing with the highly unpredictable weather this season.

Try a bit of reinvention

This time of year is about starting new projects and reinventing yourself after the Summer. Indeed, it’s the start of not only a new fashion season, but the most important fashion season of the year. With that in mind, why not use Autumn to try something new with your hair. Now is the time to experiment and there are so many options. Why not try straightening if you are usually curly, for example? You no longer need to use very hot straighteners to do this anymore – by following the right hair care routine and using the right products you will learn how to straighten hair without heat tools and keep your locks healthy. Also, why not try a new hair colour? Go with the Autumn theme and try reds, auburns or dark browns.


Be adaptable to the variable weather

Whatever style you choose be sure to protect your hair by watching out for this season’s variable weather. Sometimes at this time of year you get an Indian Summer during which it’s important to protect your hair from harsh rays. Wear a hat and avoid too much direct sunlight. Alternatively, it could be very cold and windy. If that’s the case make sure to use a good conditioner often and keep some leave-in conditioner in your purse as you can use this for an extra spray if the weather turns cool unexpectedly.

Make sure to get a good cut

The key to making sure your hair looks great is also of course ensuring you have a good cut. Whatever the weather, getting rid of those pesky split ends is a priority. Find a hairdresser who understands your natural style and talk them through exactly what you want. Making sure you have a good cut at this time of year is vital. If you’re thinking of a dramatic change do it now, so you’ll have time to adapt and get used to it before the all-important Christmas party season begins!


Those are our top Autumn hair care tips. Remember there is lots more useful information online on everything from how to straighter hair without heat tools to different hairstyles and colours that might suit your look. Do some research and use this season to try out something new!

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