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Posted by on May 13th, 2015

1. Make sure your nail bed is completely clean – We’re talking free from all oil and cream. Varnish will adhere better to a dry, clean nail.
2. Always use a base coat – This will even-out the nail bed ready for painting and also help protect the nail against staining. You can save pennies by buying OPI’s “start to finish” as it ca be used a base coast as well as a top coat.
3. Apply your varnish in thin coats- Apply two thin layer of nail colour after your base coat. The thicker the varnish goes onto the nail, the more chance it will chip.
4. Seal with top coat- This will ‘seal-in’ your varnish. Paint top coat over the whole nail (including the very end of the nail tip) so you seal the varnish to the nail.
5. Keep your varnish in your handbag- For immediate touch-ups on any chips. Don’t paint over the whole nail, just dab the colour where the chip is and then apply another thin coat of top coat over the whole nail to re-seal the patch.
6. Re-apply top coat regularly- Apply a thin layer of top coat to all nails every few days to keep the manicure fresh and seal the nail tip.
7. Apply nail oil- Reapply it throughout the week to keep nails supple and cuticles moisturized.
8. Keep rubber gloves on standby- Always wear rubber gloves when using detergents, and doing housework.
9. Take showers, not baths- Avoid soaking your nails in water for any length of time as water will seep into the nail plate and weaken the polish.
10. Choose long-wear nail formulas -Use varnishes designed to go the distance like OPI.

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